Transport to and from Shanghai Airport

Train - Maglev Train or Transrapid

Maglev Train is a magnetic levitation train that operates in Shanghai. The line is the first commercially operated high-speed magnetic levitation line in worldwide.

The train connects Shanghai Pudong Airport and the nearest areas of central Pudong and passengers can link with Shanghai Metro to go to the city center.


Lines 2, 7 and 16 of the Maglev Train are connected with Shanghai airport through the Longyang Road Metro Station. Train departs every 15 minutes and time travel is less than 25 minutes.



- From Pudong Airport to Longyang Road: 7.02-21.42h.

- From Longyang Road to Pudong Airport: 6.45-2.40h.



Line 2 (Green) is linked with PVG airport and provides service to Longyang Road, Lujiazui, People's Square and Hongqiao International Airport. It’s important to know that not all the trains goes to Hongqiao airport.

From the Shanghai airport to the city center takes 1 hour approximately.


Line 2 has two different ways: trains who goes from Shanghai Pudong airport trains and ends at Guanglan Road and some of them ends to Hongqiao International Airport (but not all of them).


Phone: +86 (21) 64370000.

Metro from Pudong Shanghai Airport - Guanglan Road (Round Trip) operate from 6.00h-22.00h every 8-10 minutes. 



From Shanghai airport there are the following bus lines that go to:

- Line 1 - Hongqiao Traffic Hub East Center

- Line 2 - City Terminal (Jing'an Temple) 5:00-21:30

- Line 4 - Lu Xun Park 5:30-21:30

- Line 5 - Shanghai Railway Station 5:30-21:30

- Line 7 - Shanghai South Railway Station 6:30-21:30

- Line 8 - Nanhui Bus Station 6:20-18:40

- District Line 1 - Hang Cheng Garden 7:10-18:45

- District Line 2 - Hongqiao Airport T1

- Late Night Bus - Hongqiao Airport T1



Taxis have different rates depending if the transportation service is during the day (from 5am to 11pm) or during the night (from 11pm to 5am). Depending of the distance, price can change.


- 0-3 km → Day (14RMB (including 1 RMB of fuel surcharge) - Night (18RMB)

- 3-10 km → Day (2.4 RMB/KM) - Night (3.1 RMB/km)

- Over 10 km → Day (3.6 RMB/km) - Night (4.7 RMB/km)



Shuttles service are available to passengers from both terminals, T1 and T2, in the departure gates:

Terminal 1: Gate 8.

Terminal 2: Gate 23 and 27.

Shuttles run from 6a.m. to 24p.m.

Routes: T1 - Domestic Departure Gate 1 and International Departure Gate 8 to T2 - Domestic Departure Gate 23 and International Departure Gate 27. 


Long Distance Coaches

There are several long distance coaches that go to the following destinations: Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Yiwu, Qingtian, Wenzhou, Shanghai Passenger South Station, Kunshan, Suzhou, Wuxi, Zhangjiagang.


To get more information, please, call: +86(21)68345743.