Terminals at Shanghai Pudong Airport

Terminal information

Shanghai airport has two different terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. It has 4 runways and an additional satellite concourse under construction. Both terminals are linked by a shuttle bus service but their are physically connected through their main terminals and concourses (H shape).


Terminal 1

It operates with domestic and international flights. The domestic flights are operated on the right side and the international flights are managed on the left side. It has 28 gates and has a capacity to handle 20 million passengers per year.


Terminal 1 has different levels:

- Level 1: Arrivals. The area is divided between 3 parts: domestic arrivals, international arrivals and Macao and Taiwan arrivals.

At level 1 there is easy access to the ground transportation as well as currency exchange service, food and drinks or information point, among others.


- Level 2: Departures. Serves most of the domestic flights as well as the regional ones. There is a transit hall that links with gate 16 (Concourse).

The gates that serve international flights are from 16 to 29. The gates that serve domestic flights are from 1 to 15.

There is a VIP Lounge “Sakura”, located between gates 18-19.


- Level 3: It has the Immigration and security check ins as well as the check-in counters from A to M. In level 3 are managed the International flights to/from Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong.

It has various VIP Lounges.  


Terminal 2

Air China and Star Alliance members are the primarily airlines that operate at the terminal. T2 can handle 60 million passengers annually. The terminal building has different levels and 2 different areas: the domestic area and the international area.


- Level 1: manages departures and arrivals.

- Level 2: handles international and domestic arrivals. The flights from Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan are handled as well.


Satellite Concourse D: it is located between the 2 levels (Level 1 and 2) of the terminal. Currently is under construction and is planned that will have more than 80 gates divided between S1 and S2 areas. A people mover will link the concourse with both terminals 1 and 2.


Hotel: There is a hourly hotel located at the transfer level of the terminal 2.

Services: There are various shops, food and beverages provided through the terminal. It hosts two lounges: Cathay Pacific and First Class (close to gate 69).